Improvements: Payment Request History and Declined Approvals Messages


More updates and improvements to Printavo to share! We're continuing to iterate and refine core functions in Printavo.

This week we've rolled out:

  • A huge bugfix for payment requests that will make tracking your payment requests much easier
  • Better messages when a customer declines an approval request with the "Decline" button

We're also rolling out Printavo Merch on September 3rd for its general release. Much more info to follow soon!

Bugfix: Payment Request History Is Now Permanent

Printavo now records payment requests permanently
Payment requests are permanently recorded.

Previously: When a user or customer made a payment toward a payment request, there was a bug that deleted history of the payment request. That led to problems with tracking payment requests. The history of the payment request would be deleted and shops couldn't find out whether they had requested payments – leading to duplicates and redundancies.

Now: All payment request history records are permanent! This ensures that you don't send too many payment requests (or too few). 

Improvement: Declined Approval Messages Display Correct Invoice Info

The correct invoice number will be displayed in Printavo instead of the error shown above.
The correct invoice number will be displayed in Printavo instead of the error shown above.

When a customer declines an approval request with our new Decline button, you get a message.

However, those messages were appearing with incorrect invoice information! This meant there could be confusion about which invoice was being referred to.

Now, the correct invoice number will be displayed. Additionally, the correct order number will appear in all email messages.

Next update: we will send an automated email back to the approval requestor when a customer denies a request, as well as numerous other improvements to Printavo.

We intend to provide bi-weekly updates to Printavo.

If you have ideas for bug fixes, or further improvements, we need to hear them!

Head to to vote on ideas, submit your own, and leave us feedback.

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