Printavo and Printavo Merch Improvements: December 2019


Hey Print Hustlers! 

Piotr Biegaj here, Printavo's Chief Technology Officer, with an update about our recent progress on Printavo.

The development team has been hard at work before our holiday break – and last night we completed our final release for 2019. Here's what's new:

  • Printavo Merch coupon improvements
    • Coupons now apply to the total from items placed in a cart, not the total amount including shipping costs.
    • Why? This will make Printavo Merch coupons much more effective.


  • TSC Apparel Product catalog integration improvements
    • For Printavo Premium tier users: TSC Apparel integration supports individual account pricing
    • Enter your TSC Apparel credentials via to access your discounted pricing
    • Why? You worked hard for your negotiated prices. Now, you can access them in Printavo easily.
  • Printavo Merch fix
    • Fix: Merch store links function as intended when linked from mobile Safari browsers
    • Why? It's crucial you can easily share Printavo Merch store links.
  • Printavo Message Center improvements
    • The following outgoing messages now appear under a given Invoice/Quote's thread:
      • Payment Reminders
      • Payment Requests
      • Successful Payments (Made By Customers)
    • Why? We're spearheading an ongoing initiative to dramatically improve Printavo's Messaging Center. Expect ongoing improvements in this area.

Image 2019-12-20 at 1.10.47 PM.png

  • Printavo Merch shipping label improvements
    • You may mark orders created from Printavo Merch as "Fulfilled" without creating a shipping label.
    • Why? We noticed a fair number of users were running into scenarios where orders created by Merch were picked up, despite customers requesting shipping during the order process.

As always, you can view the latest updates to Printavo at

A note from the development team

Printavo at M&R headquarters
The Printavo team at M&R headquarters. Exciting things to come!

Thank you, Printavo family, for an incredible 2019! It has been an incredible journey this year, and we're just getting started. There are many new features, improvements, and challenges to come.

We look forward to a busy 2020, and can't wait to see you at PrintHustlers Conf 2020 in Chicago.

From ours to yours, we wish you and your families Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

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