Printavo Merch Improvements: Customizable Store Descriptions With HTML


We're excited to introduce a new feature this week: customizable store descriptions for Printavo Merch.

View our test store here to see what HTML looks like on a live Printavo Merch online store.

You can now modify your online store's descriptions with basic HTML formatting, including:

  • Header tags
  • Bold, italics, and other text formatting
  • Links
  • Images

This will let you convey important information, add links (such as your terms and conditions or email contact), and offer a more visually appealing product for your customers.

Click to see a larger version

To modify your store descriptions:

  • Head to your Printavo Merch stores
  • Click on the store you'd like to edit
  • Select "More Options," then click "Settings"
  • Under Store Information, edit the Store Description
  • Save your work with the button at the bottom of the page
  • View and refresh your store to test the changes

Tips for HTML and descriptions in Printavo Merch 

Click the image above to see this Printavo Merch store

Here are a few simple tips for formatting your Merch store descriptions.

  • Keep descriptions short
    • Less is more: convey only what you must.
  • Test extensively and notify us at Printavo Support if you discover any issues
    • To test, open your store in one browser tab and refresh it when you save changes to your description
    • Be sure to test on mobile as well
  • Small images work best
    • In general, we don't recommend images–but we're curious to see how you use them!
    • Images should not exceed  600 pixels in width for desktop display...
    • ...or exceed 320 pixels for mobile display
    • If unsure, use images no wider than 320 pixels wide in descriptions
    • Currently, images are not resized–test carefully!
  • Headers work great for emphasis
  • Link to your terms and conditions
    • Reduce confusion and clarify exact terms
    • If you need some example terms and conditions, check out our Guide to Online Stores.

We're happy to continue improving and iterating on Printavo Merch. We want to provide screen printers and custom print shops with a powerful online store tool. 

As usual, you can see recent changes, improvements, and updates to Printavo on the Printavo changelog.

Additionally, here's a list of the basic HTML formatting functions.

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