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You're busy. Let us train your team.

We work with thousands of shops around the world. Let us get you moving quicker while you focus on your shop.

Intensive Team Training

Multiple training sessions with each department to get your team on the same page and using Printavo correctly.


Dive into your business, supply chain, and workflow to customize Printavo exactly for your shop.

Data Import

Let us format and import your existing customers and pricing matrices.

Example Training Schedule

Each shop is different. We'll craft a trianing schedule that works for your team.

      Printavo Demo

      • Walkthrough of Printavo and how it helps shops
      • Understand your use-case and how Printavo fits


      • Dive into your business, supply chain, and workflow
      • We create a workflow diagram and mimic it in Printavo

      Workflow Review / Q&A

      • Review your new Printavo account details & imported data
      • Import existing data and answer team questions

      Industry Consultant

      • 1hr consulting engagement on best practices
      • Answer full team questions and concerns

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the deliverables?

As apart of the Onboarding Program, we will work with your team to deliver the following:

  • Customize statuses to mimic your workflow
  • Apply necessary automations
  • Import customers
  • Import pricing matrices
  • Add necessary users
  • In depth training with each department

How much does it cost?

Our Onboarding Program cost depends on how intensive the training you opt in for. Generally this is a one-time fee between $1,500 - $3,000.

How long does it take?

Our Onboarding Program works around your schedule and can take as little two weeks.

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Printavo is the air traffic control that our business needed. Our entire business now fluidly moves from initial quotes to completed invoices almost effortlessly. Thank you Bruce and the Printavo Team for preserving our profits and sanity. – Justin, Oklahoma Shirt Company
I have found Printavo very effective in allowing customers to understand their purchases. That is such an underrated factor in not only landing new clients but keeping them informed. – Chris, Shirt Agency
I've been recommending Printavo to other people in the industry for a few years now. It's the best, most user friendly calendar, scheduling, and payment service there is. – Kyle, KadMark

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